Reading at least one book a month was one of my top resolutions for 2011 and I must say I'm doing pretty well so far (...yay!). Here's what I've read during my Easter holidays...

Author: Hanif Kureishi
Title: The Body [2002]

After a bit you realize there's only one invaluable commodity. Not gold or love, but time.

Telling his family that he's leaving for extended vacation, Adam, a succesful writer in his mid-sixties, secretly undergoes a surgical operation where his brain is transplanted into a healthy, youthful body for a six month trial. As a Newbody he, then, embarks on a hedonistic trip around Europe, but soon finds himself contemplating if this is what he really wants.


Not quite as sci-fi as it may sound; Kureishi deliberately leaves out any sort of  jargon heavy theories on brain transplants.

Instead, The Body is a thoroughly enjoyable meditation on the dread of aging and the complex relationship of body and mind. Definitely recommended!

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